Apple’s Fiscal Calendar and Payout Dates 2021

When you'll get paid from Apple

Apple's Fiscal Calendar and Payout Dates 2021
Jacob Eiting
Jacob EitingNovember 9, 2020

Apple’s fiscal calendar and payment schedule is a bit confusing (even for those of us that have received a direct deposit from Apple every month since August 2008).

Back in February I wrote an in-depth post explaining the ins and outs of Apple’s fiscal calendar. In this post, I’ll just hit the highlights to refresh your memory:

  1. Apple’s 2021 fiscal year consists of four fiscal quarters (Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4), each with one 35-day month and two 28-day months.
  2. Apple’s fiscal year starts with the October fiscal month — which means that Apple’s fiscal 2021 started with Q1 in October 2020. Crazy, but true.

Apple almost always pays 33 days after the close of each fiscal month. (See the bottom of this post for exceptions.)

The payment date is highlighted in the same color as the fiscal month that’s being paid. For example, the January 2021 fiscal month will be paid on March 4th.

Here’s a Twitter account with tweets scheduled for the last day of each fiscal month and each payment date: @AppStorePayDay

Here’s a direct link to all future fiscal years: Apple Fiscal Calendar (App Store Connect sign-in required)

Here’s a Google calendar with the 2021 payment dates: Payment Calendar

Here’s a Google calendar with the 2021 fiscal months: Fiscal Calendar

Apple will release the 2022 fiscal calendar in September of 2021. I plan to maintain these resources for the community for years to come, so if you notice something is out of date, ping me: @drbarnard


Apple’s 2022 Fiscal Calendar and Payment Days

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