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Streaks for Goals & Habits

When we discovered RevenueCat we were amazed by how easy it was to integrate subscriptions into our products. In a matter of hours, we were up and running. It just worked!
Jenny Talavera
Jenny TalaveraDeveloper and designer


Сredit card rewards

In just a year from shipping with RevenueCat, I was able to quit my day job to focus 100% on CardPointers.
I’ve continued to grow and expand, all thanks to RevenueCat’s cross-platform entitlement system and simple in-app purchase integration.
Emmanuel Crouvisier
Emmanuel CrouvisierFounder & Developer


Create custom widgets

When I added RevenueCat to Widgetsmith, I had no expectation that the app would be wildly successful. When it became successful, RevenueCat scaled perfectly, I didn't have to do anything. Anyone who uses their service can scale from a hobby project to #1 in the App Store like I did.
David Smith
David SmithFounder
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How it works

  • Configure Products

    Map your app store products to offerings and packages in the RevenueCat dashboard.

  • Connect the SDK

    Our Purchases SDK is easy to integrate and supports all major platforms and frameworks.

  • Fetch, Subscribe Unlock

    Fetch product information and make purchases with just a few lines of code.

Simplify your codebase, cut maintenance time to zero

Get the data you need to build better products and retain customers

Optimize your campaigns, pricing and packaging like a marketing pro

Why RevenueCat

Join a community of mobile indies

In-app subscriptions are all we do. Our team - many of them with indie apps of their own - is dedicated to helping developers succeed.


RevenueCat handles what StoreKit and Google Play Billing don’t

FeaturesRevenueCatApple / GoogleStripe
Cross-platform support
In-app purchasesPhysical goods only
In-app subscriptionsPhysical goods only
Receipt validation
Status tracking
Customer timelines
Apple Search Ads tracking

Want to see how RevenueCat can help?

RevenueCat enables us to have one single source of truth for subscriptions and revenue data.

Olivier Lemarie, PhotoRoomOlivier Lemarie, PhotoRoom
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